Ethnic Beauty Pageant Miss Cultural Harvest Festival 2014

The ethnic beauty pageant was first introduced in 1999 and is opened to all single ladies of any race and nationalities between the age of 18 years to 27 years old.

The objective is to attract the interest of non-Dayak single ladies to participate in a festival that has traditionally been associated with the Dayak community such as the Gawai Dayak festival.

The Organiser has always been looking for a woman of quality and substance as the winners of the pageant. The winner must have the grace and poise, articulate with a sound knowledge of Sarawak and its tourism related subjects.

Besides physical attractiveness, the winner must also possess a friendly disposition, charm and the confidence for she could be a potential tourism ambassador for the state.

Last year’s winner for the ethnic beauty pageant “Miss Cultural Harvest Festival 2013” was Miss Roselind Sajah, an Iban lass from Asajaya.

For the coming ethnic beauty pageant Miss Cultural Harvest Festival 2014, 12 finalists will be paraded in traditional Bidayuh costumes.

The judging of the beauty pageant is based on physical appearance, intelligence and personality.

Attractive prizes both in cash and kind await winners. The champion will walk away with RM3,000.00, a tiara, a sash and complimentary gifts; the first runner up RM2,000.00, a sash and complimentary gifts; and second runner up RM1,000.00, a sash and complimentary gifts.

The finalists of Miss Cultural Harvest Festival 2014:-

Name Age Race Origin
Dee Dee A'iene Peter 19 Bidayuh Kuching
Valerina Aren Alfred 18 Bidayuh/Kayan Marudi
Diana Sim Siew Ling 24 Chinese/Iban/Bidayuh Kuching
Atika Anak Eli 18 Iban/Kayan Serian
Sapphira Elisha Ak Jerry 20 Iban Miri
Josephine Jelawat Ak James Jimmy 23 Iban Sibu
Angelia Lois 19 Iban Kuching
Carmilla Ivy Anak Daniel Manja 20 Bidayuh Kuching
Joanna Cynthia Tom Hem 24 Bidayuh/Iban Bau
Stepheni Anak Johari 23 Iban Kapit
Miselle Octovie Anak Thomas 24 Bidayuh Padawan
Caroline Meza Munan 23 Iban Kuching